Saturday, May 30, 2015

Villians and Vigilants Redux part Deux

So, playing in our latest Supers game, using ICONS, I wondered how i could use some of the games ideas and use them in my favorite Supers system V&V.  So with that in mind  here we go...
If I wanted to include something like a stunt based off a power I would have some difficulty as this is not inherent in the system.  So coming up with an idea I propose that anytime a player wanted a character to pull off a stunt they would need to pay 10 power points.  This allows the character to do some nifty things but with sufficient cost so they don't run around breaking the gaming world.
Next, in some games you can gain a bonus if the group decide to 'wolfpack' an individual.  My version goes like this - up to 6 attackers can attack someone their own size and up.  Next the group that decide to do this attack must attack on the lowest attackers initiative score to co-ordinate the attack.  Each character pays their own power costs etc for their attack. Lastly each successful attacker does their damage minus the number of attacker less one.  The total number of damage is them used as the chance to knock out / resist damage via invulnerability or armour etc. No knock back is possible, although the defender can still roll with the total amount as if it were one attack.  For example if Pyro, flame thrower, Striker, martial artist and Captain Crab all attack and hit Evila then their individual attacks do  1d12(-2) + 1d8 (-2) +2d6 (crab claw)(-2).  The total amount ( in this case - 5+5+8) is used as the total (18) for Evila, overcome her 10 points of invulnerability and 8 % to knockout.
At the cost of 5 power points plus any attached power cost a character can attempt a 'Blockbuster' attack - if they succeed they get to do full damage. 
Lastly Character generation.  Been thinking about this one for a while.   The player consults one table and rolls randomly on it.  They then roll the 1d6+1 for number of powers and gets to thematically add the extra powers until they have gained all powers allowed and then rolls a weakness.  The regular generation then kicks in and they chose to keep the weakness and all their powers or lose another power to lose the weakness.  There's a few other things but I'm off to see how this plays out...  catch ya later and GAME ON!

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