Sunday, January 28, 2018


Glad to see I am keeping up with being consistent - consistent in not posting anything. Well lets change that.  Had a discussion with one of the players in the Traveller game about he is adapting his 0 ed D&D game. This led me to incorporate some of that and do some more tweaking of my own.  So here goes;
instead of gaining hit points each level a character starts with their CON plus one die per level. The Hit die per level can be magically healed , fast healed etc whatever takes your fancy. The Con hit points , when damaged can only be healed by rest (and possibly Naturopathy vectors).  Also the Hit die per level ( referred to now as Hero points) can be used to soak up damage, used to soak up points to gain a successful saving throw or skill roll - so the player now can use what was once thought of as a combat resource pool- and have a little more versatility in using this resource.
Any individual Npc would be treated as above, in any given 'hoard' roughly 80% would be treated as 1 hit point wonders and the rest given their hit die.  This was to emulate the hack and slash, mowing down of opponents, but still presenting the characters with challenge - now those 100+ group encounters from 1st ed Monster Manual will make more sense.  Have to try this out and see if it works - cheers for now and GAME ON!

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