Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finally..Ta Da!

Okay lets get this ball rolling.
From our last session in our Skagin game I present the Wendigo!


Freq: Very Rare
# Appearing: 1, 1d4
AC: 3
Mv: 18"
HD: 10d8+2
Treasure type: Nil
No. of  Attacks: 3
Damage / Attack 2 claws 2d6 each, Bite 1d8
Special Attacks: Surprises on a 5 in 6 (Rangers are 4in 6), Should a to hit roll be successful with a 20 on the to hit die, max damage for claws, vorpal effect for bite, Fear (as per MU Spell) usable 5 times a day, Create Child of Wendigo
Special Defense: Hide: 85%, Can phase in and out of plane ( must be in a snow storm to do so) 5 times a day, edged weapons do half damage (unless magical then do normal).
Magic Resistance: 25%
Int: Avg-High
Alignment: CE
Size: L (9-15' tall)
Psionics: Nil
XP: 4800+ 16/hp

The Wendigo is thought of as a myth to frighten small children and foolish men.  But it is very real. It is said to be covered in a thick white fur and has piercing coal black eyes.  Its long yellowed tusk like teeth frame the rest of the mouth that can be best described as a jagged hole of gnashing death. Its hands end in over large incredibly sharp claws.  It stands on its hind legs but those rare lucky few who survived an encounter say it also hunts loping along like a wolf.  It exists in a state between planes.  It is attracted  to fear and cold.  Some say that the Wendigo comes with the worst winter storm and others that it brings the storm along with itself. In battle Wendigo prefer to draw out individuals or attack stragglers, increasing the fear felt by those left behind.  Apart from the hearts of its victims the Wendigo feeds off this fear.  Although fire does not harm them ( the cold they radiate is so intense it nullifies the damage fire does) it, like groups of people will give the creature pause and it shy's away from such confrontations.
If a victim of of the Wendigo is killed in one round, and not sanctified by a cleric or druid, will become a Child of the Wendigo within 24 hours.


Freq: Very Rare
# Appearing 1, 1d3+1
AC: 6
Mv: 160"
HD: 5d8+2
Treasure Type: Nil
No of Attacks: 3
Damage/Attack: 2 claws, bite: 1d6/1d6/1d6
Special Attack: Surprises on a a 4 in 6 (Rangers are 3 in 6), Should a 20 be rolled on a successful to hit then damage is doubled for any attack, Lesser Fear (as per MU spell with a +2 to save) usable 5 times a day
Special Defense: Hide 85%, Edged weapons do half damage (unless magical which do normal)
Magical Resistance: 10%
Int: Avg
Alignment: CE
Size: L (8-13' tall)
Psionics: Nil
XP: 650 + 6/hp

Like its parent the Child feeds off fear and follows the same combat strategies.    The Child of the Wendigo is a creature that can not phase as its host is of the prime material plane. The Child looks like its previous victim, without the gash marks or scars.  They have a wild look in their eyes, which appear to have a center of coldest black.  Fur of the colour of the victim covers most of its body, but the skin is visible.  Its head is covered with an especially thick fur.  Unlike its parent the Child has elongated canine teeth and nails, but nothing more
After the Child has killed the equal number of victims as it has hit points it becomes a Wendigo. Therefore if they are fighting in a group once the victims are killed they can turn on each other to increase their chance of becoming a Wendigo.

Sleep well!

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