Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Villians and Vigilantes Redux

While looking around the gaming collection I dug out my copy of V&V 2.1 bought a few years ago.  I loved the game and while playing other super hero games never fell out of love with it. (To be fair it was the third game I ever owned, after D&D and Traveller, my 'holy trinity' of games.)
Anyway, looking at the various official incarnations and unofficial ones I have settled upon a way of creating characters in it that pays homage to the original idea of playing yourself and random power generation along with the modern day sensibilities of 'building' a character.  So here goes.
First, instead of the endless arguments of how much every has to start with in the base stats we take their weight (sorry ladies) as normal, then for each basic stat roll a d6.  On a one the stat =8, on a two a 9 and so on.  Then the fun begins. 
A players picks one of the standard tables to generate powers.  They are allowed once, and only once, to jump from this table to the skills table for a power.  Each player chooses 6 powers and one weakness, defining them as they go with the associated random rolls.  When we talk about Heightened stats or Lowered stats we use a static number; Ht A= +12, Ht B= +18, and Lowered  = -8.  Also a player can only choose a particular heightened once ( so no 4 x Ht Agility monsters with Heightened Speed!!!), except when they jump onto the Skills table if they so wish they can then double once there. At the end of this process the character chooses to lose one power and can choose to lose another as well as their weakness. 
I have created a character called Dragonfly using this process. His powers were three lots of Animal / Plant powers, one of which I ditched, Ht Int B, Sonic Power and Adaptation, his weakness was lowered intelligence. He has 66 hit points, 79 Power points, an ADR of 66 , flies at 856"/turn (that's around 180 mph), heightened senses and regeneration .  A fairly awesome character to begin with. Definitely Justice League / Avengers material.
I'll post how the characters created under this fare in an upcoming game to check out what ramifications there are for creating under these rules.

An aside;
 I would suggest to lower the gaming level to a street level that all Ht B's become Ht A's and all Ht A's act like Lowered but as a plus.  All lowered become -6. Also to lower beginning powers to 4 plus a weakness and starting stats equal 9's.

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