Monday, February 16, 2015

RTF Continued... Part 2

So ..onto combat..
So to add a little spice to combat I have decided to do the following. If something is hit with a natural 20 it has been critically hit.  This means several effects can take place.  One- maximum damage is inflicted, two - the target needs to throw a saving throw using any Con penalty/bonus.  If they make it no further effect happens.  If they fail by between 1 to 4 points then they can only heal naturally using a 'short rest' each day until either of two things happen - each day the make a new saving throw  to see if they can remove this effect (with a plus one per day) or gain magical healing which removes the effect.  Also if they fail the saving throw  by more than 4 they suffer the effects of short rest healing and roll on the table to have an ongoing effect until the above saving throw is made;

1: Movement is cut in half
2: -1 to hit
3: -1 to damage
4: -1 to Armour Class
5: -1to Saving Throws
6: -2 or 10% to any other activity not mentioned.

Short rest - each person can take one short rest per day to recover  their level plus any Constitution adjustment in hit points. For example a 5th level Magician with a -1 con penalty gains back 4 hit points per short rest
Nights rest- each person can heal their hit die for one night of complete rest ( no fighting etc but allowed to do watch duty as long as no strenuous actions are taken). For example a third level Fighter can roll 3d10 to see how much they gain back

As long as the attack can gain a successful move silently or hide in shadows before making a melee back attack this counts as the previous Thief ability of Surprise back attack:

Lv 1-6: additional 1d6 damage
Lv 7-11: additional 2d8 damage
Lv 12-16+: additional 3d10 damage

Saving Throws
Each class now has one beginning Saving Throw number and applies modifiers to this to make a saving throw;
 e.g. a poison save would apply a Con adjustment, a save versus illusions either a Saving throw using Int or Wis adjustments etc.

Lv    F         P       M
1      16      14     13
3      14      13    12
7      12      11    11
9      10      10    10
12      8        8      9
14      6         7     8
17      5        6      7

To hit;
Fighter: 20 level1, -1/level to 4 at level 17
Priest: 20 @ level 1, 19 @ level 3, 18 @ level 5 etc to 9 @ level 15
Magician: 20 @ level 1, 19 @ Level 4, 17@ Level 7, 16 @ Level 10, 14 @ Level 13, 13 @ Level 16
Bard proceeds at the next number each two levels so a 1 level Bard who was a 7th Level Magician would be 16, then at rd level be at a 15.  A 1st level Bard who was a 7th level Fighter would be at a 12 then an 11 at 3rd level.

All constructive feedback welcome.
Next: XP and how the Thiefly and ranger abilities work.

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